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Artificial and Natural Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the established name for the field, but the term “artificial intelligence” is a source of much confusion because artificial intelligence may be interpreted as the opposite of real intelligence. For any phenomenon, you can distinguish real versus fake, where the fake is non-real. You can also distinguish natural versus artificial. Natural […]

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the field that studies the synthesis and analysis of computational agents that act intelligently. Let us examine each part of this definition. An agent is something that acts in an environment; it does something. Agents include worms, dogs, thermostats, airplanes, robots, humans, companies, and countries. We are interested in what an agent does; that […]

Pengenalan Android

Android adalah Sistem Operasi berbasis Linux yang pada awalnya dikembangkan untuk perangkat seluler berbasis layar sentuh seperti smartphone, tablet, dan komputer. Android sendiri saat ini dikembangkan oleh Google Inc. Pada mulanya, Google Inc. membeli Android Inc., pendatang baru yang membuat peranti lunak untuk ponsel. Kemudian untuk mengembangkan Android, dibentuklah Open Handset Alliance, konsorsium dari 34 […]