FINIC: Find Clinic Application

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Public health sector is what usually refers to essential enable factors, one of the basic human rights and fulfilling it helps the growth of the country, bring prosperity and divert socio-economic problems. But, just like other sectors, there is always room for improvements in the public health sector. Considering public and private companies are the dominant players of this sector, creating a healthy competition in the perfect market configuration between its players could exponentially improve the quality of public health, because the monopoly is absent and market price cannot be manipulated. This left the market player no choice except to improve their quality.

The information asymmetry in public health happens when big corporations with big marketing machines are able to persuade customers to visit their facility, while other small-time healthcare providers can provide the same quality but get less customers because they have less marketing exposure. This also creates the second problem called concentrated market power where customers prefer big corporation healthcare providers with strong marketing capabilities and leave the small company unable to survive and fade away.

FINIC core concept revolves around solving this issue and promoting the perfect market in the healthcare industry. First FINIC feature is the Find Clinic which centralizes the healthcare provider’s information in one portal and allows customers to find the healthcare facility not only based on proximity, but also quality. The quality of healthcare facilities will be measured objectively using the rating system generated from individual customers. The second feature is called FINIC Health Record, which helps patients to store their own or their family member health record in the app which they can use when they want to move from one healthcare facility to another. The third feature is called Symptom Checker which allows users to find their health problem using FINIC chatbot in a LINE APP.

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Role: UX Designer and Engineer, Product Manager


FINIC is an abbreviation of Find Clinic. The name FINIC is emulated from the name of the folklore legendary bird namely Phoenix which is believed to be the representation of health and medicine in the ancient Chinese folklore. The spirit behind FINIC is to allow equal competition between healthcare service providers by providing a platform connecting patient and healthcare provider (i.e. hospital, clinic, etc).

In the FINIC platform, patients have the ability to rate the quality service of healthcare providers, store their health record history, and symptom checker, all integrated within their LINE chat app. They can also rate the healthcare provider service quality by simply giving stars (1 to 5) or choose the rating system guided by SERQUAL instrument design by Berry, (1988). For healthcare providers, the platform provides them a landing page where they can showcase their services, staff, expertise, achievements and so on. This landing page will also show comments of patients and the accumulated rating results voted by patients who use their services.