3D Communication Network Technology and Its Application in Smart Campus

Project Overview:

With the rise of 5G, SDN (Software-defined Network) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technologies, the online charging system (OCS) of telecommunication company also needs to keep pace with the times [3]. With the advent of the 5G era, users can enjoy faster network speed and lower network latency. In such scenario, more interactive multimedia and AI applications can be deployed, such as computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality and somatosensory games. Moreover, in the future IoT environments, there will be a huge amount of data transmitting in the network. The rise of these new technologies and applications will subvert the traditional billing and payment methods for telecommunication company. Therefore, it is necessary to build new online charging systems and diverse charging schemes.

Role: Researcher, Technical Writer


This project studies the potential commercial applications on the top of the SDN/NFV network architecture and proposes a new online charging system based on the context of mobile users. The proposed system mainly consists of six core modules: (1) data collection, (2) context recognition, (3) data transmission and receive (4) promotion rule trigger, (5) service delivery, and (6) promotion rule update. The proposed system collects information about mobile users from smartphones and uses such information to infer their contexts. When the system detects that the user's context has triggered a charging event, it will deliver a corresponding service to the user in an instant manner through the SDN/NFV network architecture.